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SHERPA Conference 2023 : co-creation de futurs ruraux

Title : SHERPA Conference 2023 : co-creation de futurs ruraux
Date : 31 January – 1 February 2022
Location : Montpellier (France)
Organiser : SHERPA
Website : https://rural-interfaces.eu/news-or-events/sherpa-conference-2023/

The 3rd SHERPA Annual Conference “Co-creating rural futures” will build on SHERPA’s contribution to the European Union Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas (LTVRA) and the work undertaken by the SHERPA partners during 2022.

The conference will focus on the role of Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) and multi-stakeholder governance in delivering the LTVRA and reflect upon the sustainability of SHERPA MAPs – as Science-Society-Policy interfaces – after the project’s end. Moreover, highlights from the SHERPA and MAPs Position Papers will be presented on the social dimension of rural areas, sustainable and resilient value chains, climate change and land use, and digitalisation.

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