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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Summer Academy: Regenerative Agriculture

Title: “Regenerative Agriculture. A bold step towards sustainability"
Date: 7 September 2021
Location: on-line
Organiser: Euracademy
Website: www.euracademy.eu

Euracademy Association is holding its 19th summer academy online, from 7th to 9th September 2021, in three mornings. The theme is “Regenerative Agriculture. A bold step towards sustainability”.

"We aim to look at this very important theme from many different points of view, and we have specified 3 discussion topics, as shown in the announcement, which include:

1. Regenerative agriculture and sustainable rural development, including definitions of the term and addressing issues of climate change, immediate and long-term benefits for rural communities and the environment
2. Regenerative agriculture and farm viability, addressing the economics of regenerative agriculture and forestry, the viability and sustainability of the farm and the process of transforming a conventional farm to a regenerative one.
3. Policies and strategies to enable regenerative agriculture and forestry, building on best practice examples across Europe and the world, and addressing EU policies -including economic incentives, and a long-term strategy that is necessary to ensure a medium to large-scale transition.

We aim to include 3 lecturers and 3 case studies per day in plenary sessions, devoted to the discussion topic of the day (one discussion topic will be elaborated per day).
We also include discussion groups of up to 10 participants, to discuss more freely and in a direct participative way the issues raised by the lecturers and case-study presenters."

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