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Dynamic Webinar "Deepening Civic Dialogue"

Date: Wednesday 10th February, 2021
Title: Dynamic Webinar "Deepening Civic Dialogue"
Location: on-line; 17h00-18h30 CET
Organiser: Forum Synergies; Cultivate; Geyser
Website: https://forum-synergies.eu/article764.html
Type of event: European, multiactors

REGISTRATION OPEN - register here

An invitation to a conversation on the power of dialogue for community-led transitions.

This dynamic webinar will explore how social dialogue can help us build more resilient communities.

Includes a keynote on the ‘Power of Dialogue’ by Chris Chapman, case studies from France, Ireland and Spain and a facilitated conversation exploring these questions.

  • What approaches to dialogue helps us build more thriving communities?
  • How do we ensure meaningful participation and that marginal voices are heard?
  • What approaches to dialogue enable local action, and especially climate action?
  • What would it take to catalyse more and better dialogue?

Organised by Forum Synergies, Cultivate: The Sustainable Ireland Cooperative and Geyser, France.

Chris Chapman is an experienced facilitator of systemic dialogue, based in Ireland, working both at a local community level and also in the transformation of complex systems through greater inclusion and participation.

Practical details

The event will be held in English with French translation.
On-line registration here.
Full details of the case studies from France, Ireland and Spain as will be announced 1st February.
Information: https://forum-synergies.eu/article764.html

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