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Webinar - Deepening Civic Dialogue - 10th February 2021

Webinar " Deepening Civic Dialogue "
February 10th, 2021

Deepening Civic Dialogue was about exploring how social dialogue can help us build more resilient communities, protect and restore ecosystems and take action on climate.
Organised by Forum Synergies, Cultivate: The Sustainable Ireland Cooperative and Geyser, France, its objective was to start a conversation on the power of dialogue for community-led transitions with participants thanks to a key-note on “the power of dialogue” and inspiring stories from the field. Some of the questions we raised for this workshop were: What approaches to dialogue helps us build more thriving communities? How do we ensure meaningful participation and that marginal voices are heard? What approaches to dialogue enable local action, and especially climate action? What would it take to catalyse more and better dialogue?

- Follow reading the article which describes the points highlighted by speakers.

- Have a look to the presentations in pdf and insights from participants

- Watch the presentations:

  • Story “Neighbourhood Parliaments”:
    Swarnalakshmi Ravi (India) is convenor of Global Youth Council (the PWCP Provisional World Children’s Parliament) former National Child Prime Minister of India and advisor to the ERASMUS + Project ‘SONEC’ that is developing neighbourhood dialogue processes influenced by Sociocracy and Neighbourhood Parliaments.
  • Story “From environmental conflict to territory project : the case of Roselend mountain pastures”: (English subtitles available)
    Philippe Barret - Geyser/ Ecole de dialogue territorial (France) is an enviromental mediator and explains his work in the French Alps, where the construction of a large hydroelectric dam in the 50’s left wounds in the agricultural world. At the end of 2010, the wish of the municipality and the electricity company to preserve the biodiversity of the mountain pastures hit a wall. His intervention as a neutral third party from outside the territory, and the creation of a small multi-stakeholder group favourable to dialogue allowed the progressive co-construction of a territorial project where all needs have been taken into account.
  • Story “The One Future Campaign”:
    Aine O’Gorman, Stop Climate Chaos which grew out of conversations held between the stakeholders of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition and with other Irish civil society networks and grassroots climate activists. A network of local groups across the country formed with the specific aim of connecting people with their national representatives. This project brought people together, not just to lobby their TDs at particular national policy moments, but to construct an on-going dialogue with them for effective climate action.

- Watch the full recording here