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Webinar "Local food - Reimagining Regional Responses"- Collaborative approaches to building our rural resilience

Date: 9 December 2020
Title: Webinar "Local food - Reimagining Regional Responses" - Collaborative approaches to building our rural resilience
Location: on-line
Co- organisers: Forum Synergies, ARC 2020 and Cultivate
Website: https://forum-synergies.eu/article752.html
Type of event: Forum Synergies’ events

As the pandemic collides with inequality and the climate and biodiversity emergencies, it is clearer than ever that we need to change our relationship to food and the people who produce it.

Moving beyond the local level to the regional, innovative communities are experimenting with ways to shorten, amplify and democratise food supply chains.

This webinar highlights the stories of pioneering community-led initiatives that are building resilient regional food systems.

Practitioners from across Europe will share their experiences, and we will facilitate a conversation on how to replicate, scale up and scale across these territorial approaches.

(Detailed programme available soon)

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