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Web conference "Local food - Reimagining Regional Responses" - 9 Dec. 2020

Web conference "Local food - Reimagining Regional Responses"
Collaborative approaches to building our rural resilience
December 9th, 2020

From Alison Brogan and Oliver Moore’s article

As the pandemic collides with inequality and the ecological emergencies it is clear that we need to change our relationship to food and the people who produce it. Fresh approaches to building resilient local food economies are emerging. Innovative communities are experimenting with ways to shorten, amplify and democratise supply chains. To this end, ARC2020, Cultivate and Forum Synergies came together to organise a webinar where pioneering community-led initiatives operating at the regional level were showcased, with the aim of replicating, scaling up and scaling across these approaches.

"Local Food – Reimagining Regional Responses" was about sharing the ideas of innovative communities that are experimenting with ways to shorten, amplify and democratise food supply chains with a view to exploring how such approaches might be replicated, scaled up and scaled across.

Pioneering initiatives, impressive in size and ambition, ethos and impact joined us:
Peri-urban Oosterwold, DESIRA, the Redon Sustainable Food Consortium, La Ceinture Aliment-Terre Liégeoise and Cloughjordan Community Farm.

Equally noteworthy were the 100+ participants who tuned in generously to share knowledge, inspiration and food for thought, continuing the quest to re-imagine our regional responses for a better food system.

Hearing from practitioners that are making an impact across Europe with unique approaches to building local food resilience was refreshing – a tonic at a time when many are drained by pandemic fatigue, and a reminder as we look forward to 2021 that there is much done, but more to do.

- Follow reading the article written by ARC2020 to discover the key points shared by speakers and insights from participants on-line or downloading the pdf.

- Watch the initiatives’s presentations:

- Watch the full recording here