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EURORURAL ’20 - Smart countryside for the 21st century

Date: 1-4 September 2020
Title: EURORURAL´20 - Smart countryside for the 21st century - 7th Moravian Online Conference on Rural Research
Location: on-line
Organiser: Mendel University in Brno
Website: http://www.eurorural.eu/eurorural20/
Type of event: European meeting: Universities and research groups

The aims of the conference are as follows: to map European rural research and particular interests of investigators, to gain a space for presentation of contemporary knowledge about rural research, to continue in the tradition of international conferences dedicated to rural problems, to support intra-personal contacts among experts of different disciplines dealing with rural problems, to present South Moravian rural landscape.
The conference is aimed at relatively complex view of rural problems from different viewpoints (ecology, geography, demography, sociology, economy, territorial planning), less at a research of specific problems in detail.

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