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Webinar “Access to Land for Youth"

Date: 16 July 2020 – 14h (CEST)
Title: Webinar “Access to Land for Youth”
Location: on-line
Organiser: Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Movement ; Urgenci
Website: http://urgenci.net/local-land-actions-the-struggle-for-land-from-the-ground-up/
Type of event: European meeting: networks, NGO’s

This webinar will focus on “Access to Land for Youth”, with speakers from Uniterre Une Agriculture Durable (Switzerland), Toekomstboeren (Netherlands) and Rurbans (Spain).
Link to register for Land Strat Webinar 3: https://bit.ly/2ZcrjvK

This 3rd webinar is part of a series organised for the launch of «Your Land, My Land, Our Land», published by the Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Movement in Europe and Central Asia. This handbook presents a diversity of grassroots strategies to preserve access to land for peasant farming and agroecology. You may read the handbook here.

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