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Webinar: Growing Food Resilience in Covid-19 times - New Tools and Approaches for Agroecology.

Date: 17 June 2020
Hour: 17h00-18h30 CET
Title: Webinar: Growing Food Resilience in Covid-19 times - New Tools and Approaches for Agroecology.
Location: on-line - Zoom
Organiser: Forum Synergies & ARC2020
Website: http://forum-synergies.eu/article705.html
Type of event: European meeting: networks, NGO’s

How have local, agroecological food initiatives stepped up in this moment of crises? The long now of Covid-19 has added an extra layer of difficulty and stress onto an already challenging situation for proponents of a food sovereignty approach to living and eating. Nevertheless, inspiration has manifest too, with agroecological movements not only adjusting but in some cases expanding the reach and impact of their activities beyond the local and into the regional, territorial, national and even international.

We want to showcase these altered approaches so we can learn from each other and drive our movement forward. To do this, ARC2020 and Forum Synergies are co-organising a webinar with four other initiatives, from Portugal, Greece, Romania and the world.

Join us on 17th June at 17.00 Hrs CET for a participatory webinar with Agroecopolis (Greece), Civitas (Romania), In loco (Portugal) and the Open Food Network (UK, Australia, rest of the world).

This event will help community groups, agri-food movements, policy makers, media workers, academics of rural and food system studies, consumer groups and more find out about coping mechanisms, innovative tools, best practices and exciting future opportunities, including collaborative ones.

Facilitated by Davie Philip of Cultivate (Ireland) and Ecolise (Europe-wide) this event will allow us to and learn from the best of what our movement does, deepen agroecological approaches to food and farming even in these times of great difficulties.

Sign up here: https://framaforms.org/registration-form-food-webinar-june-17th-1591895663


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