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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

HOSTS in 2020


Here you can find a short presentation of NGOs, organisations, people involeved in activities related to sustainable rural development who are interested to take part in the scholarship programe as HOST


ABCD Innovation Center, NGO working with young people; (link)
see also this short video - created in the frame of EU Erasmus+ youth exchange "Be a reason to smile", which was held in Kalavan, Armenia from 14th to 22nd of July 2018 [2:42 min.].


Green Association, association to promote non-standard solutions for environmental protection (link)
see also this video taken at the occasion of the Green Summit 2019 [5:22 min.]


Kinoniki Sineteristiki Epichirisi, a social cooperative; (link)
see also this short video taken by Christos Karystinos, trainee in 2019 [2:06 min.]


The Barna Way, an organic social farm, creative hub and native woodland ; (link)
see also this short video message [1:09 min.] from Lisa Fingleton (29.4.2020)

The Growery, a community food commons and local climate resilience hub; (link)

OURganic Gardens, Community Gardens Ireland & Donegal Community Garden Network ; (link)
see also this short video message [1:31 min.] from Joane Butler taken in times of COVID-19 (15.4.2020)


Porto di Terra, smal NGO experimenting on agroecology and permaculture through sustainable community life; (link)
see also this short video [2:03 min.] about the farm taken by Carlotta and Helena


Obelisk Farm, a family run hemp farm; (link)

Alliance for Cross-sectoral
Sustainable Development
; an organization of professionals working with civic awareness and sustainable
development; (link)


VIPA SK, Slovak Rural Parliament; (link)


NGO "Karpatske kolo", rural development projects in the Carpathian Mountains; (link)