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FORUM SYNERGIES - transition in times of crisis.

At the beginning of February, when we were planning activities and priorities for 2020 and beyond two aspects seemed pretty clear:

  • 2020 will be a year of challenges - with regard to the impact of the Corona crisis and political decisions to be taken on the European and national level. The reform of the CAP, the announced “European Green Deal”, Farm to Fork proposals or a “Vision for Rural Europe" are still vague promises and do not cope with the reality of climate change, biodiversity loss and loss of farmers, let alone the crisis of wars and refugees around Europe. However, there are also sprouts of hope that we can take steps towards more solidarity and resilience.
  • 2020 will also be a year of important transitions within Forum Synergies. With our travelbook “Rural Europe on the move” we did a first step towards looking into the future, discovering options for rural Europe to act as lively hotspots of sustainability and resilience – but also for us as an organisation starting to prepare ourselves for a transition, looking for new people to involve and a young generation to take the handover we offered.

Things have dramatically changed in past weeks. We will not be able doing business as usual. Besides feelings as anxiety, severe concerns, bafflement about how quickly a complete shutdown can happen - we can imagine that all of us share thoughts about unpredictable consequences this crisis will have on our futures, on the planet and on rural Europe; on our social and working life, and the environment.
We still go on with what we had on our agenda – using different tools to communicate – setting new priorities: how to stay in touch and exchange.
We want to take you on board, learn about your situation and spread within our network. Let’s explore together how we can positively master the transition. We would like to learn about your needs and lessons you draw from your very personal experience these days.