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Advanced Course on Social Innovation In Rural Areas

Date: 18-22 November 2019
Title: Advanced Course on Social Innovation In Rural Areas
Country: Spain
Location: Zaragoza
Organiser: International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ), and the EU H2020 project SIMRA (Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas)
Website: http://www.simra-h2020.eu/index.php/2019/05/15/advanced-course-on-social-innovation-in-rural-areas/
Type of event: European meeting / Training: networks, NGO’s

Social innovation has been heralded as a vital part of the European recovery project since the economic crisis in 2008. It is of particular importance to rural areas, especially more disadvantaged rural areas, where multiple problems of depopulation, environmental quality decline and low levels of economic activity have been recurrent.

The course is designed for 25 professionals with a university degree or equivalent. It is intended for decision makers, public, private and third sector development agents, evaluators, facilitators, technical advisors, researchers and other stakeholders involved in promoting, financing, planning, implementing or assessing social innovation projects in rural areas.

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