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Conference - the New Creative Rural Economies

Date: 25-26 June 2019
Title: Conference - the New Creative Rural Economies
Country: UK
Location: London
Organiser: Creative Rural Industries Consortium
Website: www.ruralculture.org.uk/tate-conference
Type of event: National meeting

The ’Future is Rural - mapping the new creative rural economies’ conference aims to provide an opportunity for the hitherto disorganised and marginalised creative rural sector(s) to come together for the first time and plan their re-formation as a potential new national CI sector; i.e. the creative rural sector (CRS). Obtain a
better sense of the scope and importance of their contributions to the national creative economy and the Government’s Industrial strategy. Provide a public platform for an informed debate about the growing potential of all sectors of the creative rural economy, involving both urban and rural CI leaders, artists, academics, CI policy researchers, etc.

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