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Training on Sociocracy 3.0

Date: 4-6 April 2019
Title: Training on Sociocracy 3.0
Country: Croatia
Location: Križevci
Organiser: ECOLISE
Website: https://www.conferize.com/ecolise/2019-s3
Type of event: European meeting: networks, NGO’s

This training is proposed to learn about Sociocracy 3.0 (S3), a practical guide for more conscious collaboration in groups and organizations from small start-ups to large international networks.

General training content:
- basic concepts, history, seven principles and four dimensions of Sociocracy 3.0
- theory and practice of decision making processes: Consent Decision Making, Proposal Forming and Role Selection
- patterns for Work Coordination, Organizational Structures and Bringing In S3

Training preceding ECOLISE 2019 General Assembly, 7-11 April 2019

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