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Aromatic & Medicinal Plants iNet Interregional Workshop

Date: 28-30 Nov. 2018
Title: Aromatic & Medicinal Plants iNet Interregional Workshop
Country: Spain
Location: Sevilla
Organiser: ValuePAM project (INTERREG SUDOE
Website: https://incredibleforest.net/content/aromatic-medicinal-plants-inet-interregional-workshop
Type of event: European meeting: networks, NGO’s

In this INCREDIBLE workshop attendees will continue to work on some aspects that emerged in the Scoping Seminar in Tunisia such as:
• Organization of the wild harvesting. Social and economic implications.
• Traceability and certification of the wild collected A&MP.
• Evaluation and quantification of A&MP as a wild resource to be exploited.
• Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.

All this, through theoretical expositions, workshops and field visits.

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