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Conférence Internationale : Forêts Europénnes – notre patrimoine culturel

Date : 4 - 7 Décembre 2018
Title : “Conférence Internationale : Forêts Europénnes – notre patrimoine culturel”
Country : Austria
Location : St. Georgen am Längsee, Carinthia
Organiser : IUFRO with the Austrian Forest Association, Institute of
Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences
Website : https://www.zukunftsraumland.at/event/9518
Type of event : European meeting : Universities and research groups

The cultural heritage of the forests and in the forests tackles the multiple interrelationships between forests, forest management and the human society, which have changed in the course of history. It is not only confined to demonstrating historical developments, but contributes also considerably to a better understanding of the present situation of forests and the development of the cultural landscape, and provides valuable input for forest conservation and management policies.
Thus a new approach for co-operation of forest and woodland history including traditional knowledge and forest and tourist enterprises is aimed and an increasing need to deepen the knowledge related to the forest related cultural heritage should be fulfilled.

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