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9th European GMO-FREE Regions Conference

Date: 6-7 Sept. 2018
Title: 9th European GMO-FREE Regions Conference
Country: Germany
Location: Berlin
Organiser: Save Our Seeds
Website: www.gmo-free-regions.org
Type of event: European meeting: networks, NGO’s

The 9Th European GMO-FREE Regions Conference will be organised on September 6th and 7th 2018 in Berlin, by Save Our Seeds in co-operation with the network of GMO-Free Regional Governments under the new presidency of the German State of Hesse, represented by its Secretary of State for Agriculture and Environment, Beatrix Tappeser.

The program on Friday 7th September will be a joint session of representatives of the GMO free regional governments, NGOs and interested scientists and enterprises. It will focus on the CRISPR Cas challenge as well as the unfinished issue of implementing national bans of GMO cultivation.

For Thursday 6th September a joint reception has been planned in the evening, hosted by the state of Rhineland Palatia. The morning might be used for informal meetings and arrival and the joint strategic NGO discussions might start from 1 pm on.

The detailed program and workshops of the NGO day will be designed with participants.
The suggested topics and priorities are:
· CRISPR Cas / new GMO technologies
· Gene Drives
· National Opt out legislation (ban of GMO cultivation for EU approved varieties)
· Agribusiness merges (Baysanto & Co)
· GMO imports to EU
· European Protein Strategy

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