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"Adapting Innovation in Grassland Management to Farmers’ Needs to Face Social and Climatic Changes"

Date: 9-12 September 2018
Title: "Adapting Innovation in Grassland Management to Farmers’ Needs to Face Social and Climatic Changes" - 20 th FAO-CIHEAM subnetwork on Mountain Pastures:
Country: Norway
Location: Ballstad, Lofoten Islands
Organiser: Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research - NIBIO, Nordland Research Institute and Norwegian Agricultural Advice Lofoten
Website: https://nibio.pameldingssystem.no/mountpast2018#/home
Type of event: European meeting: Universities and research groups

The 20th Meeting of FAO-CIHEAM subnetwork on Mountain Pastures in Ballstad will discuss innovation in mountain grasslands as an important way forward towards sustainable grassland and rangeland science and management. A main focus will be on the opportunities and challenges connected to sustainable pastoralism and livestock farming, which today are influenced by unprecedented rates of climate and environmental change, institutional restructuring, use-protection conflicts, and human activities. To meet these challenges and transform threats into opportunities, the meeting will address the following issues:

• technical innovation and transfer of tools/new technologies to farmers;
• innovative grassland management and monitoring;
• product added value and footprints of productions processes;
• mountain-pastoral cultural landscapes as an opportunity to develop agriculture-tourism interrelations;
• farmers’ social role;
• grass-fed foods to fulfill societal demands for quality, environmental-friendly production and consumers’ security;
• climate changes and pastoral sustainability.

Optimizing these aspects requires a transdisciplinary approach, which combines research and development on ecology, animal, social and environmental issues. Exchanging information on these aspects is the overall objective of this meeting.

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