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Rural Youth Europe Rally 2018

Date : 12-19 August 2018
Title : Rural Youth Europe Rally 2018 : Year of Young people, World of Opportunities
Country : Scotland (UK)
Organiser : Rural Youth Europe ; Scottish Associatin of Young Farmers Clubs
Website : https://www.ruralyoutheurope.com/event/rally/
Type of event : European meeting : networks, NGO’s

Our Aim is to empower rural young people to promote diverse, responsible and peaceful societies ; raise the awareness of the importance off joint decision-making, consequences of person’s actions, as well as encourage cooperation between young people from different countries all over Europe.

To reach the objectives rural youth will :

· Explore what Youth participation means, on which areas it can be applied to and what are the benefits
· Define obstacles for youth participation and create suggestions for how to overcome them
· Develop skills and plan actions to increase participation

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