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4th rencontres européennes d’AMAPs (Symposium URGENCI )

Date : 9-11 November 2018
Title : 4th rencontres européennes d’AMAPs et partenariats locaux et solidaires pour l’agroécologie (Symposium URGENCI)
Country : Greece
Location : Thessaloniki
Organiser : URGENCI
Website : https://urgenci.net/
Type of event : European meeting : networks, NGO’s

The European CSA movement has come a long way, but much work still remains to be done. Where do we stand when we look at our initial promises ? Saving farms, fostering local economies and jobs that cannot be relocated, healing social and environmental wounds, repairing the broken links between different communities, rebuilding social cohesion : what are our achievements ? What are our remaining and new key challenges ?

Greece is one of the best locations to hold our “solidarity check”. The population has been living through a major social and economic breakdown for almost a decade, and they have also been on the frontline in welcoming the biggest flow of war refugees and migrants since World War II. Where does the power of CSA lie in disintegrating societies, and how can we build ever-greater mobilisation to realize the right to food and nutrition ? What is the role of peasant agroecology in building local solidarity partnerships between producers and consumers ?

Another reason for this choice is that Greece is at the crossroads between different dynamics. Greek CSA activists are fully part of the European movement but they are also part of the Mediterranean network of Local and Solidarity -based Partnerships for Agroecology (LSPA).

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