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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

2nd European Symposium on Pollarding (Agroforestry)

Date: 1-3 March 2018
Title: 2nd European Symposium on Pollarding – towards a circular economy at the landscape level
Country: France
Location: Sare (Basque Country)
Organiser: Association Française d’Agroforesterie; Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara
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Type of event: European meeting: networks, NGO’s

The aim of the second European Symposium on Pollarding is to establish a better understanding of the potential benefits of pollarding and to identify ways of extending its practice through exchange and dialogue. It will achieve this by providing an interactive forum for lively and informed exchanges between farmers, agricultural and environmental organisations, associations, research bodies, government and local authorities. It will explore the experiences across different European countries in order to provide each actor with the necessary tools to develop sustainable management systems for pollarding at multiple scales.

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