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Agri Travel and Slow Travel 2018

Date: 15-18 February 2018
Title: Agri Travel and Slow Travel 2018
Country: Italy
Location: Bergamo
Website: www.agritravelexpo.it/en/
Type of event: European meeting: Private companies

AGRI TRAVEL & SLOW TRAVEL EXPO promotes destinations through their landscapes, arts, traditions and food to tourists and operators that are searching for authentic and emotional experiences with strong connections to concepts like: life quality, sustainability and environment. We address every aspect of the tourism sector in a lively and attractive way. Our approach promotes new ways of travelling that discover the most hidden and intimate aspects of every place: routes, trekking, bike-tourism, waterways and spiritual paths, etc. Rural areas have great potential in this field.

AGRI TRAVEL & SLOW TRAVEL EXPO 2018 dedicates a special area to the important sector of the ENO and GASTRONOMIC TOURISM. Food is an important attraction for visitors, it reflects a strong cultural identity and can be combined into a full-fledged experience that includes storytelling, traditions, senses, active participation, or knowledge about agriculture.

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