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2018 EU Food and Farming Forum

Date: 29-30 May 2018
Title: EU Food and Farming Forum
Country: Belgium
Location: Brussels
Organiser: IPES-Food (International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems)
Website: http://www.ipes-food.org/eu-common-food-policy
Type of event: European meeting: networks, NGO’s

The goal of EU Food and Farming Forum (EU3F) is to co-construct a set of policy proposals addressed to the EU for a comprehensive ‘Common Food Policy’(understood to mean a ‘Food Systems Policy’ or a ‘Sustainable Food and Farming Policy’).

The Forum will provide a platform to collectively identify and agree on priorities for sustainable food systems reforms, bringing greater coherence between policy areas (agriculture, trade, environment, health, internal and external policies, etc.) and policy levels (EU, national, local).

The goal of the forum is to co-construct a ‘Sustainable Food Scoreboard’ in participatory manner through a collective intelligence exercise. This score board would allow food systems challenges to be addressed through a multiyear approach that promotes transitional thinking and the alignment of different policies at different levels of governance.

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