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25 years of LEADER/CLLD: what have we achieved?

Date: 11 October 2017
Title: 25 years of LEADER/Community-led local development: what have we achieved so far and where do we go next?
Country: Belgium
Location: Brussels
Organiser: European Commission - DG EMPL; European Commission - DG REGIO
Type of event: European meeting: EU and official groups

LEADER has been used as a bottom-up local development tool in rural areas for over twenty years; the same approach has been followed in fisheries and aquaculture areas since 2007. It can now contribute to the development of communities in all types of areas across the EU under the instrument of Community-Led Local Development (CLLD).

What has the LEADER/CLLD method achieved so far? What kind of impacts can be observed in the communities working along it? What has worked and what not?

This interactive workshop involving 3 local action groups (rural, fisheries and urban) from Austria, Portugal and Hungary, a Managing Authority and the audience will be looking into the value added of the LEADER/CLLD approach and discuss the potential role it could play locally in addressing new challenges.

The workshop is coordinated with the one on "Communities as change agents: local development in the EU beyond 2020" organised by LDNET and ELARD.

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